Friday, June 7, 2019

What is a Life Cycle Celebrant?

Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants, spend a minimum of 6 months, in a college-level curriculum, learning the meaning of the ceremony, how to structure and personalize services, writing papers, and having vocal evaluations. We are the Gold standard of Officiants. I also teach Officiating for my alma mater.

Do we tip the officiant?

Gratuities are graciously accepted, but not required.

Do I invite the Officiant to the reception?

Usually not. This adds several hours to my Officiants days, and we would prefer to invest those hours in your Ceremony preparation and performance. It is always your choice whether to ask us, it is truly not required. If you so desire, send them an invitation to our address, and I will have them respond directly.

Wedding Ceremony with crazy family or relatives

Let me know, and we will put someone in charge of them. We will have a plan, and that will add to your comfort level. This is very important!

When should I hire an Officiant?

Right after the venue is preferred. If you are looking for the perfect start to your day, a personalized service shines over the rest of your party, almost like an umbrella. Maybe Aunt Sylvia will be so busy gushing over your personalized ritual, that she will forget to complain about the prime rib, this time.

Last Minute Officiant

We will try our best, and perform great ceremonies on short notice.

Is ULC legal in NY State?

We are not lawyers, but the short answer is it depends. There are certain counties in NY and PA that will not accept that. If you ever decide to move to Tennessee, they will not honor that, in case of separation, etc. If they are properly ordained, you might be okay with that option. Keep in mind that public speaking is best left to the professionals. The local Clerks in NY State tear their hair out, when licenses are not filled out properly, or filed on time! That is why I get so many referrals. If you find yourself needing an officiant immediately, please call us NOW at 518-587-1468. We’ll do our best.

Picture policies during Wedding Ceremony

We do, our policy is we yield to our couples. If you want an unplugged service, I will announce that. If not, I will say some kind words introducing the photographers, and ask your guests not to pop up immediately in front of them… We have seen those horror stories about some ministers stopping the wedding to criticize the photographer! All of our officiants work professionally with all of your vendors. Our Officiants also make a quick side exit, so they are not in your kiss photo!

What should a wedding rehearsal cost?

Ideally little or nothing Many vendors like myself include rehearsal in their Gold and Platinum packages. For a modest additional fee with your Silver Package. We happily offer all of our couples a complimentary guide to running your own rehearsal, which outlines steps that everyone can practice. I like to practice the readings with your speakers, at that time. Ala carte I charge $100-$125. I have heard of other Officiants charging much more.

Should I let vendors know times have changed for the wedding day?

That would be immediately, right after you tell your fiancé and mom! If your preferred Officiant has been booked, we will do our best to make sure your wedding is covered, by our other fine Officiants,; or even helping you contract a competitor who we admire.

Should I pay a vendor to interview for my wedding?

Our policy is no. Many Officiants charge outrageous sums to nickel and dime you into an inevitable higher price, or they d o not like doing Interviews, rehearsals; etc.

Do you perform same-sex weddings?

Yes! Love is love, and we have worked with LGBT couples all the time, and are thrilled to marry all couples who desire marriage. It’s in my code of ethics. (Ask other Officiants if they have one!)

Can we have humor in our wedding?

Absolutely. Not only that, but I can edit lyrics from your favorite songs into readings. Let’s get creative together.

We love our dogs, can they be involved in our wedding?

They can be ring bearers, or carry in a beverage, for your wine ritual. We love dogs. (I have 3.)

Do we have to have a Memorial in our wedding ceremony?

The short answer is no. I really find it to be a touching moment for many and I can write words of light and love. We always follow it with a few seconds of silence, and an upbeat reading and your Love Story (if desired.)

Can we have our children in our wedding?

Ring bearing and flower throwers are just the beginning. We are blending your entire units, so it is incorporating to acknowledge that. We can have rituals that involve the children, and special language to honor not just the children, but Mom, Dad, Grandmother, whoever is most important to you.

Do I need Pre-Marital Coaching or Counseling?

It depends. Have you already had the “Four Fights that every couple has?” If you have, survived, and you are still getting married, then no. Otherwise, it is probably the best money you can spend and will make the first several years much easier. I like to say, two hours with me, can save you a whole lot of time and money later. Also available online. We refer out to licensed clinical social workers for counseling.

Non Denominational Minister

Absolutely do not need to refer to a higher power, it is your wedding. I find that many non-practicing couples find a certain recharge while spending time in nature, with their significant other. Magic is present, as long as you have love. That being said, I have fond memories of Hindu, Moslem and other religious services that I have conducted. I consider myself a Multi-Cultural Non-Denominational (ND) Minister.

Can a Non Denominational Minister conduct religious Wedding services?

It's all about their training. I have studied all major and some minor religions to have a comprehensive tool kit.

Ceremony for different relion or culture

There are certain commonalities in most religions We use that to blend your religious traditions by honoring both. It always helps the families to bond, when they experience the new traditions, that their children are incorporating.

How do you work to personalize our wedding ceremony

We specialize in meaningful, personalized ceremony. We use an interview session and also incorporate written questionnaires. We want the perfect ceremony to represent your individual and joint personalities, quirks, beliefs, and relationship. Once I finish your first draft, you will receive an email for your approval; or to edit if you wish. Our mission is for your ceremony to be fantastic and are pleased to edit with you on the draft (three drafts), until you agree it’s “word for word” perfect.

What to look for in a Wedding Officiant

Find someone with passion, who listens to you and offers options.

Do you perform Theme weddings

Yes, we do. If you can dream it, I can write it. We have done Princess Bride, Science Fiction, and various Disney theme services. Ask me about a “Wedding in Four Acts.”